Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

erched on the precipice of the Summer Solstice, I give pause and ponder just what I've gotten myself into; a whole Summer spent consuming things sourced locally... 100 Miles or less from Toronto! As if life as a Vegetarian wasn't tough enough in “dirty little York", now the added constraints to my dietary intake are going to make it all the more severe.

After doing some rudimentary research, luckily, Toronto is rather close to the fertile belt of the Niagara region; ripe with fruits and vegetables and a cornucopia of other food-stuffs. We've got farmer's markets conveniently close-by, the Kensington Market just a block from my place and a few other resources that dole out organics, cheeses and artisan supplies!

Looks like wine won't be an issue either, and there are places near Toronto that grow soy, sprouts, beans and nuts as well! However, there are two items I hold dear for which finding a substitute might be more difficult, SALT and COFFEE! Does the near-future promise a Summer of bland foods and miserable mornings? I can only fathom.

With the Solstice looming, I bid my favourite beverage good-bye, relishing in an iced americano from Dark Horse. ( and subsequently a few other caffeinated beverages throughout the day ) These blog entries will serve as record of the adventures ahead and will feature:
  • journal musings from Lana and I
  • featured recipes
  • spotlights on local farmers and resources
  • foraging and wild food escapades
  • picture galleries and video entries
So as the sun sets and the caffeine makes it's final course through my body, I look towards the coming challenge with set resolve and plenty of optimism!