Monday, May 23, 2011

Almost summertime!

I've been so swamped with workstuff lately that when I realised that it's been over two months since we last updated this blog, I was beyond appalled. I've gone from being in a place in my life where I was writing daily, to scribbling notes on scrap pieces of paper every couple of weeks when I have a spare moment to breathe here and there.
Balance: Trying to find it. 

Actually, it's the pursuit of balance that's my main focus these days -- balancing work and LIFE, play and promise, friend-time and solo introspection, etc.
Living here in our little fortress of calm and peace in the High Park/Junction area is certainly playing a huge role in finding a measure of tranquility that hasn't been present in other places we've lived. I've started running again (for the first time in six years...  eek!) and as I explore the neighbourhood more and more, I'm realising what a treasure High Park really is. In previous years, I might have only gone to the park for the cherry blossom festival and the occasional barbecue, but it's now less than a ten minute walk from my house, and I'm reveling in visits there as often as possible. The trails are great for running on, there's a labyrinth to walk, and the swans in Grenadier pond always make me smile.

I'm also planning to start taking yoga classes at Green Lavender: an eco store and yoga studio that's just up the street from us. Spring/summer always seems to shake me from my cold-weather lethargy and makes me want to bounce around and stretch and play, and I think I'll just "go with it".  *grin*

This area is also full of wildlife that I've never even heard of, let alone encountered anywhere in Toronto before. There are 4 different species of warbler that live in the trees in our front yard, and I've seen foxes, opossums, little red chipmunks and plants that are gorgeous beyond measure. Nathaniel and I seem to encounter new bird species almost daily, and when we cleared several years' worth of mulch in the garden, we unearthed bulbs and other wee green things that have turned into yards of lily of the valley, creeping ivy, hostas, and other wondrous plants. I've never had a garden quite so lush before, and we're taking full advantage of our surroundings by having meals outside on our patio and spending evenings out there, reading until the light fades.

Trying to find time to write when all I do is type all day is another matter. It's hard to be inspired to pour forth prose when one's days are filled with seemingly endless torrents of work-stress. Therein lies the challenge, neh?  Being able to leave work at work, and replenish the self afterward so that creativity can flow forth. At least when I leave work, I have a verdant, calming space to retreat to, a wonderful partner whom I love dearly, and a plethora of knitstuffs and books to soothe my soul.  Thank the gods for small pleasures.

I'm off for now: heading over to the home turf of Orange Nose Cakery to pick up my beloved's bithday cake. The owner, Farida, has made a custom, gluten-free marvel for us to indulge in, and I can't wait to try it!